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Shopfella helps you keep track of what you buy while shopping. Start understanding your budget now!

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Feature Highlights

Expenses counter

App always shows you the total price of all items you add so that you always know how much exactly you are going to pay in the end.

Bill limit

Set the bill limit and app will notify you when you approacing it. Help yourself to not buy things you don't need.


Money spent in total. Items bought in total. Item you've spent most money on. And of course helpful charts that help you to visually categorize your expenses.

Shopping history

Forgot what you bought last week and how much you have spent? We've got you covered! Check the history anytime you want and never again forget anything important.

Amount, discount and weight

Specify amount, discount and weight of the product you buy and the app will automatically calculate the right price for you.

Shopping list

Add items you want to buy in advance and add them with ease as you buy them.